Our Commitment To Patients

At BeiGene, our core value is “patients first.” Every day we strive to create high-quality, innovative medicines faster and more affordably for patients. It’s not enough for innovative drugs to simply exist. We want to make sure patients can access them. We work with cancer communities across Canada and around the globe to learn from and provide needed support to patients, caregivers, and families to raise awareness and improve lives. 

We think about the potential impact on patients every step of the way from early-stage development through to making medicines available to patients. For information on how to contribute insights and perspectives that could enhance our understanding of patient needs, please contact patientadvocacyCAN@beigene.com.

The myBeiGene® patient support program is dedicated to helping patients by providing personalized information and assistance to those living with and managing a cancer journey. Beyond financial assistance, BeiGene provides practical and emotional support by connecting patients to third-party resources that can address their individual needs. 

myBeiGene® pairs a patient with a dedicated advocate who will serve as a single point of contact throughout treatment. Advocates connect patients and their caregivers with resources that provide counseling services, support groups, and assistance with transportation and lodging. Qualified patients may also be able to access our medicines at no or low cost.  

Visit myBeiGene to learn more about our personalized approach to patient needs. The myBeiGene® program is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at 1-833-234-4366 or by email at info@mybeigene.ca.

Cancer & Mental Health

Cancer patients and their caregivers often experience emotional distress and mental health challenges during their cancer journeys. Whether it’s uncertainty about what lies ahead, during, or beyond the treatment, patients and caregivers may develop feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, often without being recognized as so. 

Talking about mental health and emotional wellness with healthcare professionals is a vital part of comprehensive cancer care. Accessing mental health tools and resources not only can positively impact the course of treatment, but can also improve overall quality of life and health outcomes. 

As a company dedicated to patients first, BeiGene recognizes the importance of making mental health and emotional wellness an integral part of quality cancer care for patients and their caregivers. We are committed to elevating this important conversation around the intersection between cancer and mental health among patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and policy and access decisions makers. 

BeiGene’s Talk About It program is designed to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and, most importantly, ensure that all people impacted by cancer have the tools they need on their journey to wellness.

When talking about cancer, we need to talk about mental health.

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Watch physicians Christiane Langer, M.D., Head of Global Medical Affairs and Mark Lanasa, M.D., CMO, Solid Tumors, share their unique perspective on how emotional health is intricately linked in cancer care.
Maia Thrift Perry, Executive Director, Patient Advocacy & Public Health Policy, BeiGene and Eucharia Borden, Vice President, Health Equity & Clinical Services, Cancer Support Community discuss their perspective on navigating these conversations.